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The Full Story

KANE Industries LLC was founded by military members who believe service to community and service to country are fundamental tenants to live by. We continue this belief in the work that we do for the community, state, and federal bodies. We have worked and lived on 5 continents, 23 countries, and 11 US states. Projects ranging from small capital community and health care centers in Papua New Guinea (PNG), to remote camp and infrastructure development in northern Canada, to multi-million dollar industrial and heavy civil contracts in the US and around the world.  We continue to live in these communities and care for the people around us. 


Designed for Success


Providing safe, on-cost, and on-schedule contract delivery to our clients. We listen to what you want, develop a solid execution basis, and tenaciously represent the service and construction needs of our client. We strive to develop relationships that are based on respect, trust, and honesty. And these relationships are the foundation for sustained and positive business partnerships stretching well into the horizon.


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