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ENAK Industries LLC


Fundamental tenant of our leadership. We care about the people and environment that we touch.

Energy Wave

Our resources are limited and innovative Design & Construction practices matriculate into everything we do.


Extensive construction experience is the core of services that we provide.

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To be a strong member of the Tennessee small business community, be safe, and build things that meet the Client’s needs. At our core we love solving challenging problems, keeping people safe, meeting or exceeding the customer's expectations, and solid financial returns on our hard work.


Wholistically, we love being a part of something larger than ourselves.  Connecting with others, with a need or want, that makes our places a better, happier, or at the very least more useful.  This connection, this work, carries itself forward!

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Net Zero Energy (NZE) Commercial and Residential Construction products.

  • A well thought out design and execution basis that considers the needs and wants of the Client in relation to our energy foot-print.  

  • Design location, orientation, size, and layout

  • Innovation in construction practices, materials, products, and technology.

  • Thoughtful consideration of energy use in the final product.

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Products and Services

Every Project is unique and requires unique solutions.  ENAK Industries LLC thoroughly reviews the entire scope during the pre-bid discussion to develop a cost and schedule that is reliable for all parties.  Likewise, we execute that scope aligned with safety, cost, and schedule elements with clear progress communication. 

The Projects We Can Help You Realize

  • Full Residential Construction

  • Full Commercial Construction

  • Detached Garage, Workshop, or Creative Studio

  • Storm/Tornado Shelter or Safe Room

  • Reinforce Equipment Room or Security Structure

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Our Process

Concept Selection 

A fundamental step where we listen to what you have to say and understand what are the needs and wants of your structure; purpose, size, energy requirements, and finishing details. We review the property, zoning, code, and regulatory requirements. We optimize your vision, as wanted, so that it is Green & Energy aware.  We also seek to understand your level of involvement in the project, whether it is an all-encompassing Design-Build, Build, or simple Subcontracting model.  We do the upfront due diligence and have the flexibility to meet your small and medium size construction requirements.


We turn all of your concepts, designs, and dreams into some thing real that you can touch.  We provide a safe construction environment, provide regular reports on construction status, cost, and schedule, and liaise with the government to ensure inspection and code compliance.  You maintain the pulse of the work and leave the physical details to us.

Front End Engineering Design 

An architectural and engineering design approach that refines and finalizes the design basis (your dream) so that we thoroughly understand the project requirements.  We realize and develop, in visual and engineering terms, the project. This can be through your network of architects, engineers, surveyors, and subcontractors or through our network of professionals.  This step also understands, manages, and controls project expectations, expenses and schedule before an execution contract is signed.

System Completion

We finish the construction, punch list our work together, close-out any discrepancies, verify any static or dynamic commissioning requirements, and liaise with the government as required for occupancy.  Once this is complete, we hand-over structure to you.

Contract Execution

we employ American Institute of Architect (AIA) contracts which are simple language, well-established legal precedence contracts, that are fair for all parties.  With a contract in-place, ENAK Industries LLC can process the design basis with the government, procure the materials, and mobilize to the Workfront.

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What You End Up With

  • Stronger walls and roofing systems than conventional construction practices that are lower in maintenance and last longer.

  • Much greater disaster and safety resilience

  • Non-combustible construction and fire resistance

  • Greater mold, rot, mildew, and insect resistance

  • Higher and more sustainable energy efficiency; ICF with higher R-Value, concrete with thermal mass is easier to keep the structure cold or warm, and greater airtightness to limit the transport of heat into or out of a structure

  • More enjoyable sound and vibration attenuation

  • Better air quality with airtight systems and HVAC filtration that limit uncontrolled lower air quality conditions.

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Construction Innovation

We utilize industry leading materials and technology

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) & Quad Lock

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) create the most comfortable, peaceful & healthy living environments with quick construction of truly durable, resilient and sustainable buildings.

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) - Quad-Lock - cast in place concrete forms that provide a high insulation resistance (R-Value) with concrete walls of varying thickness that are fully IBC and IRC compliant as well as accepted by Tennessee (TN) inspection.

Quad-Lock's Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) for walls, floors and roofs create very healthy, comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient buildings at a lower total cost of ownership.


Building Design Principle

Quad-Lock ICF/Concrete Offering

01. Keep The Rain Out Of The Structure

Properly constructed ICF walls have been independently demonstrated to be 100% air and water tight under the most demanding conditions, using appropriate forming and sealing techniques for window/door openings.

02. Keep The Building From Blowing 

Reinforced concrete structures are arguably the most disaster resistant designs available in the industry. Properly constructed and detailed ICF structures can resist the highest wind loads in nature.

03. Build With Materials That An Get Wet

Both concrete and foamed insulation materials (ICFs) are highly resistant to degradation by exposure to water. EPS retains insulating qualities when wet.designs available in the industry. Properly constructed and detailed ICF structures can resist the highest wind loads in nature.

04. Design Assemblies To Easily Dry When They Get Wet

Materials used in ICF-built concrete structures are (by their nature) moisture resistant as well as having been confirmed to possess adequate drying capacity in order to prevent damage from moisture.

05. Build With Materials That Won't Burn

ICF walls have been independently verified to provide 2 hr., 3 hr., and 4 hr. fire protection, depending on the concrete cavity size.  EPS and Concrete structures have been tested to the latest safety standards in USA, Canada, and EU for smoke generation, flame-spread, toxicity, and the ability of finishes to stay in place during 15 min. fire exposure.


Micro-Steel Reinforcement (MSR) 

Micro-Steel Reinforcement (MSR) - Helix Steel - Helix 5-25 - one-inch stainless steel matrix based concrete system that allows for the removal and subsequent replacement of traditional deformed reinforcement bar (Rebar) that yields equivalent or great shear, tension, and strength requirements for an equivalent design.

From slabs, walls and footings to foundations and infrastructure projects, over the past two decades, Helix Micro Rebar™ has been used in thousands of projects and applications, and been shown to improve resiliency, ductility, and strength of concrete structures.

Safer, faster, and stronger than rebar, using Helix Micro Rebar™ for concrete slabs is a better way to build with concrete. In Slabs on Ground, Helix Micro Rebar™ provides increased flexural strength and fatigue resistance. In Slabs on Metal Deck, Helix Micro Rebar™ is easier to finish than fiber reinforced concrete because there’s no need to pump – you can direct discharge.

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All-In-One Shoring (AI1S)

All-In-One Shoring (AI1S) Plumbwall System - vertical shoring and access platform that is OSHA compliant and allows for efficient reinforcement and placement of concrete in ICF.

Passive & Active Solar Systems

In passive solar building design, windows, walls, and floors are made to collect, store, reflect, and distribute solar energy, in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer. Active systems use pumps or fans to circulate fluid or air, through solar collectors, to optimize energy use and minimize energy demand of the owner. With integrated active and passive solar system.

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Cost Savings

Passive and active solar systems have been a top choice in managing modern commercial and residential spaces for quite some time.

Enjoy an Efficient System

Passive and active solar energy allows all major HVAC demand to be lower and more efficient taking part of the load from the main heating source.  This means smaller HVAC system with equivalent capacity.

​Promote Renewable Energy

Renewable energy that lowers our energy and carbon footprint.


Contact Us

Contact Us

For those who want a transparent business relationship in which a construction project is delivered safely, within budget, and when you need it, please reach out and let us hear from you; either by email or phone…we still enjoy connecting with people by phone. Let Kermit Hemmert Industries understand the construction vision and turn it into a construction reality!

Let's Get Started

Please contact us via email or phone on how Kermit Hemmert Industrie LLC can meet your service or project needs.  We are excited to hear from you, we love to talk on the phone as much as email, and address you business requirements.


Kermit Hemmert Industrie see tremendous business opportunities in Tennessee construction, both in the Government and Private sector.  So if you have a passion for your business, craft, or trade and see an opportunity to work together in the construction arena, then let us hear from you.  Greater things can be achieved when small businesses work together!

Nuestro Mensaje a Nuestros Socios

Kermit Hemmert Industrie ve enormes oportunidades de negocios en la construcción de Tennessee, tanto en el Gobierno como en el Sector Privado.  Entonces, si tiene una pasión por su negocio, artesanía o comercio y ve la oportunidad de trabajar juntos en el campo de la construcción, permítanos saber de usted.  ¡Se pueden lograr cosas más grandes cuando las pequeñas empresas trabajan juntas!

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