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KANE Industries LLC 


Our Vision

Providing safe, on-cost, and on-schedule contract delivery to our clients. We listen to what you want, develop a solid execution basis, and tenaciously represent the service and construction needs of our client. We strive to develop relationships that are based on respect, trust, and honesty.


And these relationships are the foundation for sustained and positive business partnerships stretching well into the horizon.

Construction Site


General & Sub - Contracts

Safety is beyond PPE and signage, those are simply outward indicators of your commitment to safety. Companies that have happy employees and business partners, who make a higher profit, are also the same companies and projects that have a better safety record. 

Safety is needed at all stages of the construction project be it to participate in the HAZOP to identify a valving issue in the design stage ultimately saving huge sums in rework.  To the actual execution of the project and ultimately with the proper documentation of compliance.

Prime Contracting & Subcontracting

We believe in transparency in all work that we do.  This transparency extends to everybody we work with…from the Client all the way to Subcontractor.  We operate under simple language, American Institute of Architects  (AIA) contracts with agreed upon General Terms.  We develop the scope and the contract that reflects this scope together.

From the Contract we develop the schedule, the schedule of values, the invoicing, and all major elements in between and then we deliver against these contractual terms. 

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Concept develop and finalization is foundational to good project management and is part of all our Projects.  With a firm scope basis to start from we then leverage our infrastructure of leadership, subcontractors, vendors, and equipment to provide a complete management service.  We don’t provide a service unless we believe we have all the resources to complete job.

Providing confidence to our Clients and Subcontractors that a plan was in place from word “Go” and will continue to be in place until the finish line is crossed.


The Full Story

KANE Industries LLC was founded by military members who believe service to community and service to country are fundamental tenants to live by. We continue this belief in the work that we do for the community, state, and federal bodies. We have worked and lived on 5 continents, 23 countries, and 11 US states. Projects ranging from small capital community and health care centers in Papua New Guinea (PNG), to remote camp and infrastructure development in northern Canada, to multi-million dollar industrial and heavy civil contracts in the US and around the world.  We continue to live in these communities and care for the people around us. 


We Are Constantly Striving

to meet or exceed the scope bases, deliver on agreed upon contractual terms, and we are customer service focused.



Every Project is unique and requires unique solutions.  KANE Industries LLC thoroughly reviews the entire scope during the pre-bid discussion to develop a cost and schedule that is reliable for all parties.  Likewise, we execute that scope aligned with safety, cost, and schedule elements with clear progress communication.  Listed below are just some of the Project have completed or are current executing to completion.

Bible School Historical Renovations

Pall Mall, TN

Structural verification and remodeling of the historical Alvin York State Park Bible School building. Verification of structural integrity of Grist Mill building indicated insufficient lateral framing supports to allow for conventional remodel practices. Civil shoring of lower foundation of structure. Installation of underground drainage system to direct water away from foundation. Remodeling of siding, roof, roof ridge, gutters, painting, and ceiling replacement.

Grist Mill Historical Project

Alvin York State Park, Pall Mall, TN

Structural verification and remodeling of the historical Alvin York State Park Grist Mill building. Verification of structural integrity of Grist Mill building indicated insufficient lateral framing supports to allow for conventional remodel practices. A non-standard execution sequence had to be created whereby replacement of 10 sqft section in a sixty (60) foot working at height environment. 

Western TN Storage Project

Alvin York State Park, Pall Mall, TN

Procure, erect, commission, and handover of fourteen (x14) steel storage facilities for the State of Tennessee - Department of Health.  Requiring the procurement of material, transport to site, civil preparation, steel erection, steel and carpentry finishings at fourteen separate locations.

Lake Site Project

Fall Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, TN

Renovation of Commercial building with replacement of damaged roofing sections, doors, frames, garage, and finishing elements. ​

Fall Creek Falls Commercial

Fall Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, TN

Commercial renovations of the Fall Creek Falls Nature Center.  Removal of primary entry point and installation of ADA automatic door system.  Removal of exterior wall/window area and installation of ADA automatic door system.  Installation of a connecting concrete waiting area and walk way to connect with existing walk way.  All work included civil conditioning and water management, electrical installation, stucco siding, and gutters. 

Fall Creek Fall Renovation Project

Falls Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, TN

Remodeling of three (3) Park residences and seven (7) Park commercial buildings in multiple locations with multiple work fronts.  Remodeling to include executing demolition of exterior framed walls, siding, and guttering. Installation of new exterior wall frames, siding, guttering, soffit, facia, windows and painting of all installed material.

Cabin Chimney Renovation Project

Falls Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, TN

Renovating twelve (12) Park Guest Cabins, two (2) Park Guest service buildings, and one (1) Park Guest large cabin complex chimney systems.  Setting up safe working-at-height areas (40+ feet above the ground), masonry cleaning and surface preparation, and application of mason sealant to prevent water intrusion on structures that are 20+ years of age.

Harpath State Park Project

Falls Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, TN

Installation of boat launch system for the Hapreth State Park.  Required civil preparation, formation of multiple embankments, rip-rap installation, lifting/rigging/placement of pre-cast members, carpentry/finishing.

Mississippi St. Chattanooga Home Project

Falls Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, TN

Surface preparation, mold conditioning, hydraulic surface cleaning, and sealant application of residential flooring system. ​

Fall Creek Falls Commercial/Hotel

Falls Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, TN

Commercial renovations of the Fall Creek Fall's Villas hotel services for 10 units.  Removal existing front doors, fascia boards, soffit, gutters, and rear porch railings.  Replace with new, IBC compliant doors, fascia, gutters, and rear porch railing system.  Painting all required systems.  Install new Assa Abloy RFD wireless lock system for all entry doors.  Installation of fascia, soffit, deck railing system and gutters will be done from water position.  All work activities has to be done while units are occupied, requiring extensive coordination with hotel accommodations staff to ensure safety and convenience of Park guests. 

Great Projects Start Here.



We partner with other like minded small businesses who love what they do, are good at what they do, and who want to focus on getting the work done.  In these partnerships we identify construction opportunities that we can complete together, done with a culture of respect, and KANE keeps subcontracted working capital streams whole and predictable against completed progress…KANE partners get paid weekly against the great work they complete and KANE deals with the headaches of net 30 or 60 invoicing, licensing, insurance, bonding, and project closeout.  Contact us…and let’s build great things together!

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The Power of Analytics

We are committed to safe operation of construction equipment be it a crane or drone.  The following illustrations demonstrate our continuous commitment to safety which occur prior to every flight; Airspace, weather, FAA approval, Job Safety Analysis (JSAs).


We are professionals who understand the rules and regulations of our industry.  Let’s talk!

We regularly review and communicate with Federal, State, and Local agencies to understand currency as well as compliancy to the standards.

Our Drone Tech

Yuneec 520E RTK

E90X Camera

Emlid Reach RS2 receiver

GNSS antenna


We Work With Exceptional Organizations.

Contact Us

Contact Us

For those who want a transparent business relationship in which a construction project is delivered safely, within budget, and when you need it, please reach out and let us hear from you; either by email or phone…we still enjoy connecting with people by phone. Let Kermit Hemmert Industries understand the construction vision and turn it into a construction reality!

Let's Get Started

Please contact us via email or phone on how Kermit Hemmert Industrie LLC can meet your service or project needs.  We are excited to hear from you, we love to talk on the phone as much as email, and address you business requirements.


Kermit Hemmert Industrie see tremendous business opportunities in Tennessee construction, both in the Government and Private sector.  So if you have a passion for your business, craft, or trade and see an opportunity to work together in the construction arena, then let us hear from you.  Greater things can be achieved when small businesses work together!

Nuestro Mensaje a Nuestros Socios

Kermit Hemmert Industrie ve enormes oportunidades de negocios en la construcción de Tennessee, tanto en el Gobierno como en el Sector Privado.  Entonces, si tiene una pasión por su negocio, artesanía o comercio y ve la oportunidad de trabajar juntos en el campo de la construcción, permítanos saber de usted.  ¡Se pueden lograr cosas más grandes cuando las pequeñas empresas trabajan juntas!

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Work With Us

Let's Get Started Today.

Client or Partner, KANE has a passion for solving challenging problems, listening to all input, and clearly mapping out a plan to successful complete.  So if you have construction needs, we want to hear from you by email or phone…please contact us.

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