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Safe. On Cost. On Schedule.

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KANE Industries LLC construction company founded by military members who believe being of service to our Client, our Community, and our Country are fundamental tenants to live and work by. We continue this belief in the work that we do for private sector clients, communities, state, and federal bodies.


Projects & Partnerships

Project Management

Our core project drivers are being safe, on-cost, and on-schedule delivery.  Give us a call and see how we can leverage our core drivers to meet your construction needs!  

Tennessee licensed and insured General and Heavy Construction Contractor that works in both Government and Private sector industries successfully completing conventional/pure trade construction as well as non-routine (messy, as we like to call it) scopes of work.  

We partner with other like minded small businesses who love what they do, are good at what they do, and who want to focus on getting the work done.  

Gestión de Proyectos y Socios


General &

Safety is beyond PPE and signage, those are simply outward indicators of your commitment to safety. Companies that have happy employees and business partners, who make a higher profit, are also the same companies and projects that have a better safety record. 


Safety Management

Safety is needed at all stages of the construction project be it to participate in the HAZOP to identify a valving issue in the design stage ultimately saving huge sums in rework.  To the actual execution of the project and ultimately with the proper documentation of compliance.


Prime Contracting & Subcontracting

We believe in transparency in all work that we do.  This transparency extends to everybody we work with…from the Client all the way to Subcontractor.  We operate under simple language, American Institute of Architects  (AIA) contracts with agreed upon General Terms.  We develop the scope and the contract that reflects this scope together.  



From the Contract we develop the schedule, the schedule of values, the invoicing, and all major elements in between and then we deliver against these contractual terms. 



Concept develop and finalization is foundational to good project management and is part of all our Projects.  With a firm scope basis to start from we then leverage our infrastructure of leadership, subcontractors, vendors, and equipment to provide a complete management service.  We don’t provide a service unless we believe we have all the resources to complete job.

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Design & Development

Providing confidence to our Clients and Subcontractors that a plan was in place from word “Go” and will continue to be in place until the finish line is crossed.     

We are constantly striving

to meet or exceed the scope bases, deliver on agreed upon contractual terms, and we are customer service focused.

We are

Your professionals

– Being professional for KANE is understanding the want or need…listening to the Client, providing credible solutions founded on a technical basis…listening to our partners/subcontractors, and respecting the perspectives of everyone in the vertical chain of project completion. The value in this dynamic is we do great things together; connected and successful!   

Kermit Hermmert

For everybody I work with; I want clear scope boundaries, agreed upon terms, and deadline driven in actions.

Kermit Hemmert

We Work with

exceptional organizations.

Work With Us

Let's get started today.

Client or Partner, KANE has a passion for solving challenging problems, listening to all input, and clearly mapping out a plan to successful complete.  So if you have construction needs, we want to hear from you by email or phone…please contact us.

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